Lexus says it will build fuel-cell vehicle around 2020

Lexus says it will build fuel-cell vehicle around 2020 image

The Japanese luxury automaker has decided to bring to the 2016 edition of the Geneva Motor Show the LF-FC concept that first premiered during the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

The European premiere brings the prototype unchanged, with the LF-FC being a very rakish sedan that will serve mainly as the preview for the upcoming next generation LS flagship. The concept is a crowd pleaser and an attention grabber thanks to the huge grille flanked by stylish LED headlights, vertical air intakes, and “arrowhead” LED daytime running lights. We also remind you of the slopped windscreen sporty side skirts, and 21-inch aluminum alloy wheels with carbon fiber-reinforced plastic rims. The rear is also worthy of our attention as it sports a bespoke ventilated bumper and distinctive LED taillights. The interior is brimming with technology and Lexus International Executive Vice President Mark Templin even spilled the beans recently claiming the 2018 LS will have “some cool interior stuff” – we’re betting on some gesture recognition technology.

Aside from the presentation of the LF-FC prototype, Lexus also confirmed the rumors that putted a “high-output fuel cell” vehicle in its lineup, with the automaker putting 2020 as the possible timeframe. No specifics have been detailed, but the company did comment “fuel cell displays outstanding energy efficiency, which is about twice the efficiency possible with current generation petrol and diesel engines.” It also reminded us of the long range and fast refueling times, while the overall powertrain quietness makes it “ideally suited for adoption within the luxury automotive segment.”

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