Lexus RX to gain third row?

Lexus RX to gain third row?

Lexus could be ready to launch a three-row version of its popular RX crossover, a response to dealers who have been clamoring for a competitor to its 7-seater rivals.

For years, Lexus has resisted altering one bit of the RX formula, a segment leader that defined the category when it debuted in the late 1990s. Lexus has remained stalwart in its refusal to change, despite dealers claiming they are losing sales to other brands who do offer a mid-size three-row crossover.

In the past, Lexus has pointed those customers to the GX, but the body-on-frame SUV is engineered for more serious off roading, and is based on a version of the Land Cruiser sold overseas. Now, Wards Auto is reporting that because the redesigned Highlander is a three-rower, the RX, which is based on the same platform, could also grow a last row.

Lexus VP Jeff Bracken said that he is aware of the dealer complaints regarding the three-row RX, and added that the company “could make an announcement pretty soon.” Though the RX’s market share has been slowly eroding, Bracken attributes that to the model’s age. Year to date sales this July have indicated a drop from 20.1 to 15.5 percent.

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