Lexus RX SUV Recalled For Airbag Gas Glitch

Lexus has recalled a trio RX SUVs in Australia this week, due to a potential problem with passenger airbag.

The carmaker has identified a weakness with the airbag inflator unit, which may be susceptible to a gas leak.

Lexus says that gas used to inflate the airbag during a collision may escape into the inflator unit, causing the airbag to partly inflate – or, fully inflate when not required.

Should this occur while driving, the resulting shock may cause a collision or the inflating airbag may injure a passenger. No incidents have been reported in Australia at this stage.

The recall targets the Lexus RX 200t, RX 350 and RX 450h, built between November 2015 and February of this year. Around 113 vehicles are on the recall list in Australia.

This recall is not associated in any way with the ongoing Takata airbag recall program.

The process will take between three and 4.5 hours, depending on the model, with the passenger airbag to be replaced. All works will be carried out free-of-charge.

Lexus will attempt to contact affected owners once the necessary parts become available, but any owner wishing to learn more about the latest round of recalls should contact their local dealer or phone Lexus on 1800 023 009.

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