Lexus Rumored to be Considering Launching a Pickup Truck

Lexus has admitted that it has been studying the idea of offering a pickup truck.

The brand most known for its luxury sedans and SUVs recently revealed to Motoring that a pickup truck is one of the study items it has been looking at. The reveal comes from planning product head Makoto Tanaka who added that that it was “the least possible” of the vehicles that Lexus is currently studying. Models that the Japanese automaker are considering include a seven-seater RX and a compact crossover.

For the most part, no luxury automaker has produced a pickup, but it’s hard to ignore how competitive the market has become for high-dolloar pickups. Mercedes-Benz plans to to offer a pickup of its own by 2020, although it probably won’t come to the U.S. Admittedly, a pickup truck offering is very low priority for the brand, but perhaps Lexus is onto something unique by even considering it.

It’s also hard to ignore the success Lexus has had with its SUVs including the GX and LX, so maybe a truck isn’t that far fetched for the brand.

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