Lexus LS fuel-cell slated for 2018?

Lexus LS fuel-cell slated for 2018?

Toyota is reportedly preparing to launch a wide range of new models before the end of the decade, coinciding with the company’s sponsorship plans for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

A fuel-cell variant of the next-generation Lexus LS is said to be among the first new entries, according to a Best Car report cited by Automotive News. The hydrogen-powered sedan is reportedly slated for debut in 2018.

Separate reports recently claimed Lexus will unveil the redesigned LS later this year at the Tokyo Motor Show, celebrating the luxury division’s 25th birthday since the original LS400 was introduced in 1989.

Traditional powertrains will likely be presented with the initial debut. Rumors point to an upgraded V8 powerplant with 465 horsepower. The fuel-cell edition is said to slot above the LS 600h L long-wheelbase gasoline-electric hybrid, potentially with a lighter curb weight but less power.

The company is also said to be outfitting its Japan-market Crown sedan with the Mirai‘s fuel-cell technology. The new variant is expected to follow the LS, likely arriving in 2019, while a fuel-cell version of the Estima minivan is rumored to be under consideration further down the line.

The Japanese automaker has not yet publicly confirmed any specific details regarding its hydrogen expansion plans.

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