Lexus LS concept to bring ‘progressive luxury’

LOS ANGELES — Lexus said it plans to use next week’s Tokyo Motor Show to unveil a concept LS full-size sedan.

In a statement today that was no more than a headline long, Toyota’s luxury division said it was bringing “Lexus’ Vision of Progressive Luxury” to the Tokyo show and released a shadowy teaser image of a headlight.

The concept will be revealed Oct. 28 and is expected to be a strong indication of what Lexus has planned for the fifth-generation LS.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the original LS — a car that turned the German-dominated luxury world on its head by bringing an extra dose of reliability and value to the segment.

The current generation Lexus LS is a bit long in the tooth, having been on the market since the 2007 model year. U.S. sales have dwindled to 5,270 through September, down 11 percent from the same period in 2014. Those numbers are just a fraction of Mercedes-Benz’ S-class sales, which have tallied 15,994 this year.

U.S. sales for Lexus overall through September are up 12 percent to 247,445 vehicles. The brand is narrowly behind BMW and Mercedes for the overall luxury sales crown in the U.S. — something that’s eluded Lexus since 2011.

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