Lexus LFA successor might be co-developed with BMW

Lexus LFA successor might be co-developed with BMW image

Another report is indicating that a true successor of the Lexus LFA has a pretty good chance of being co-developed with BMW.

The Lexus LFA has been praised by a lot of people who have gotten the chance to take it for a short spin at least so when it left the production line three years ago, it was a sad time for the automotive industry. However, things are about to change as the Japanese based automaker is currently planning to introduce a successor of the supercar.

According to the guys from AutoExpress, the model in question might actually be co-developed with BMW and this makes no logical sense since the Bavarian company already has the i8, which is a pretty similar vehicle. However, instead of rolling off just a single version of the supercar, the two car manufacturers will be introducing two, and we don’t mean just different body styles, but different badges, different exterior design, different interior and even different engines.

The Toyota variant will be using a 3.7 liter V8 hybridized motor, used in the TS040 race car, instead of the previous 4.8 liter naturally aspirated V10, which might be ready for 1,000 HP (746 kW), but the most probable output will stand at 800 HP (597 kW). The BMW version will get an M-developed straight-six turbocharged engine as part of the hybrid setup, with a lot of pieces from Toyota. Each car is expected to cost approximately 217,000 EUR (243,500 USD / 160,000 GBP) and it is believed to come out by 2020.

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