Lexus LFA Gets A Virtual Liberty Walk Makeover

As only 500 units of the Lexus LFA were ever produced, few owners of the car have been brave or crazy enough to fettle with Lexus‘s finest ever creation.

But that small point doesn’t mean we can’t dream and thanks to HPF Design, we can do just that.

The skilled rendering artist has dreamed up what an LFA could look like if it were customized by expert Japanese tuner Liberty Walk and even though it’s never likely to see the day, it is certainly eye-catching.

As you’d imagine, Liberty Walk’s trademark widebody kit has been fitted. Additionally, the front bumper has been modified and a new lower splitter added. There’s also a set of deep-dish black, aftermarket wheels and a set of side skirts just millimeters away from the ground.

At the rear is a massive wing and to top everything off, a lowered ride height, just like the finest widebody Aventadors.

The closest thing we’ve seen to a Liberty Walk LFA is the unit upgraded, driven and drifted by Japanese star Yoichi Imamura. It has a selection of bespoke body panels, including flared wheel arches and in all likelihood, is the only heavily-modified LFA on planet earth.

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