Lexus LC500 Gets A Supercar Stying Overhaul

Even though it remains unclear when the Lexus LC500 will arrive stateside, expectations are high for the model which Lexus claims is its most dynamic car since the potent LFA.

That’s not to say that the LC500 even attempts the same levels of performance as the LFA or that it’s styling is close to as supercar-ish. However, if a tuner were to get its hands onto an LC and set about giving it an even greater sports car vibe, they may come up with a design similar to this.

Created by digital artist Rain Prisk, the rendering featured takes a standard LC500 and provides it with a much sleeker and more menacing design.

Most significantly, the wheel arches have been flared to dramatically alter the vehicle’s presence and stance on the road. Additionally, the standard wheels have been blacked out and given a deep dish design.

Other alterations include tweaked headlight clusters, an additional black lip spoiler, a murdered-out front grille, a bootlid lip spoiler and the lowering of the roofline and windscreen.

With the possible exception of the wheels, the finished result looks like something Lexus itself would produce. Here’s hoping a potential ‘F’ badged LC model looks this good.

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