Lexus LC F Is Menacing, Wants A Piece Of The Pie

The LC 500 must have many people reaching for their wallets.

The new coupe is no supercar like the lauded LFA, yet its design that’s all but identical to the LF-LC Concept and its 467hp naturally aspirated V8 make it a very enticing sports car in its own right.

Performance really shouldn’t be an issue, but, if Lexus sticks to the strategy that revitalized it, there might be an LC F somewhere in the future.

The high-performance machine has not been confirmed, but X-Tomi has already imagined how it could look like.

Making an already aggressive design look more menacing without ruining it is no easy task. This rendering, thought, seems plausible enough. If Lexus goes ahead and builds it, they will come. In droves.

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