Lexus LC Convertible Production Likely

The Lexus LC500 coupe just hit the streets (we just drove it), and already it seems like the brand is planning more variants. 

Automotive News reports that a convertible version of the LC500 is a likely addition to the lineup to help the brand fight against its main rivals like the BMW 6 Series and Jaguar F-Type, all of which offer drop-top models. The chief engineer for the LC also confirmed that the car is structurally capable of handling a convertible variant, so building it is certainly possible.

Lexus is hoping the LC will be the accessible halo car that the LFA never was, with pricing for the new coupe to come in between $80,000 and $120,000. The brand kept costs in check thanks to technology and platform sharing among many of its models.

The LC’s chief engineer also confirmed that all-wheel drive will work for the LC, though whether or not it will be offered remains to be seen. A hardcore LC F variant is also a likely addition to the lineup, though it probably won’t show up for at least a few years.

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