Lexus LC 500 coupe to make UK debut at Goodwood

Lexus LC500 front3/4

The Goodwood Festival of Speed will host the UK debut of the Lexus LC, the brand’s upcoming luxury coupe. The LC 500 model will roar up the hill, thanks to its 5.0-litre naturally-aspirated V8 engine.

Crowds at the Festival of Speed will see racing drivers Mike Conway, Scott Pruett and Alex Wurz take the car up the hillclimb course during the main event, following a static display on Thursday 23 June. 

The LC is the production version of the LF-LC concept car, and is poised to take on the Mercedes SL. The LC was revealed by Toyota‘s CEO Akio Toyoda at a press event yesterday. He stated there was initially no production intentions for the LF-LC concept, first seen at the 2012 Detroit Show. But, buoyed by public support for it, he says “we listened, and we made it real”.

Lexus LC500 rear 3.4

Renamed for production, the LC features slightly toned down styling from that dramatic concept car. The trademark angular Lexus grille graces the front, while the sharp detailing and shape is reminiscent of the LFA supercar.

The triple-LED headlamps have been designed with some of the world’s thinnest projectors to allow such a neat shape. The exterior angles are also designed to increase aerodynamic efficiency and engine cooling, with the rear air diffuser and optional active rear spoiler playing a big part in the former.

Step inside, and you’ll find the LC already has one up on the SL thanks to its 2+2 seat layout. The interior design is fresh and borrows some elements from the LFA, including the racy instruments and driver-focused layout.  Materials such as magnesium for the paddle-shifters give a premium touch, while the driving position is said to exploit the car’s low centre of gravity.

Lexus LC500 – interior

“Everyone, engineers included, wanted to make this car as close as possible to the LFA’s philosophy”. There’s no high-revving V10s here, but the LC 500 does get a 467bhp, 527Nm 5.0-litre naturally-aspirated V8 from the firm’s ‘F’ performance range.

It also gets a 10-speed single-clutch automatic gearbox, a Lexus first, which the company says is lighter than a number of eight-speed dual-clutch transmissions on the market. 6-piston brakes and a newly developed traction-control system helps reign in the power. Lexus is ‘targeting’ a 0-62mph time of 4.5 seconds.

Lexus LC500 – front quarter

It’s built on the firm’s new ‘GA-L’ rear-wheel drive architecture, and is said to feature weight-saving materials such as carbon composite doors and a carbon-fibre roof. Aluminium components are also used in the suspension. It can claim a 52/48 weight distribution as a result.

Toyoda, claiming he has driven it, describes the car as “Sugoi” which is Japanese for Awesome. He also hinted at potential for an even hotter ‘F’ version of the LC in the coming years.

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