Lexus IS F Looks Underrated Even On Custom Wheels

While very few people would flat out declare the IS F a winner against the likes of the prev-gen M3 or C63 AMG, Lexus fans didn’t really seem to mind.

Say what you will about the IS F, but the IS has always been a very desirable car. This older model has been around since the days of the E90 3-Series, heck it was around even during the A4 B7’s twilight years.

Back then, it was a real contender, especially when Lexus rolled out the diesel versions which proved more than capable of taking on the likes of the 320d, the C220 CDI or the A4 2.0 TDI. The exterior was bang on, the interior was well put together and the performance was more than adequate.

That sort of changed as soon as the Japanese manufacturer dared to challenge the Germans in the premium super-sedan segment as well. The IS F did prove every bit as quick as its rivals in a straight line, thanks to its 423 PS naturally aspirated V8 engine, which also produced 503 Nm (371 lb-ft) of torque.

The only problem was that most reviewers found it to be…not as agile as the M3, and the 8-speed automatic transmission wasn’t as quick-shifting as that of its rivals either. Some also complained about its steering feel as the car approached its limit.

In a way, that’s just nitpicking. There’s obviously nothing wrong with wanting and/or owning a Lexus IS F, because you still get a wicked fast sports saloon that also happens to look good.

The only reason why we’d call it underrated is because nowadays you’re pretty much the underdog if you show up in this car to a meeting held by BMW and Mercedes owners. Still, you can also show off this awesome set of Vossen VFS1 wheels, which look meticulously designed (most are but not all show it) and in a way also resemble the factory standard wheels that came on the IS F originally.

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