Lexus Hooks Up With Hollywood Star Jude Law To Promote New RX

When trying to promote a luxury SUV, being assisted by one of Hollywood’s more stylish actors is certainly a clever way to go.

Jude Law is not just an actor nowadays, but also a producer, and certainly one of the world’s most adored male celebrities. According to some, he was Ryan Gosling way before Ryan Gosling and that’s interesting because the Lexus RX has always been ahead of the curve on several tech-related issues.

With the RX (even the previous two generations), it’s never been about just how advanced the car was, but more about how Lexus saw the future of the SUV – more of an ultra-economical, quality product.

Of course, now, just about every premium manufacturer has caught up to them, but the Japanese are sure to hold onto these bragging rights for as long as possible, after all, the RX has reinvented itself this year with a new generation model which is sharper and more advanced than the previous one.

The 2016 RX might just be the first RX that isn’t at all particularly bland to look at. In fact, you could argue that it looks sporty and innovative, and that it has an ultra-modern interior full of useful gadgets and quality materials.

Now, about this video, Lexus say that the 2016 RX goes well together with a “fast-paced and exciting lifestyle”, one where the driver pretty much dictates what happens and has his own way with things. You could easily argue for that being just as true in the case of any premium car manufacturer.

It’s actually the man that makes the car here, since Law is the one behind that exciting lifestyle that the valet seems to enjoy once he gets his hands on the RX. It will make more sense once you’ve seen the video.


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