Lexus Highlights The History Of Its F Family: Video

When it comes to heritage, relative upstart Lexus has some catching up to do. Though it’s a major player in the luxury market and is becoming a force in the sport-premium market as well, the fact remains that the brand has only been in existence since 1989. While 16 years is enough time for a decent level of maturity for a car company, companies like Mercedes and BMW have internal divisions that are older than Lexus’ entire marque.

That’s significant, because Lexus is in the process of challenging those very internal divisions. F Sport is Lexus’ answer to Mercedes’ AMG and BMW’s M Division , among others. What’s troublesome for Lexus is that it’s one thing to build cars that bang off impressive performance numbers, and quite another to impart a sense of heritage and family to them.

The solution to this conundrum? Get that history out there, and make sure people know the what the additional badge is all about. Lexus is doing just that, with distinctive styling for its F Sport models and branded accessories for the non-F cars. Lexus has released a video via Lexus Qatar that brings a bit more of the short-but-eventful history of its dedicated sports cars to life.

This upbeat and fast-paced two-minute short starts with the first F-badged car, the 2009 Lexus IS F sports sedan , and runs quickly through Lexus’ growing stable of F-badged cars, from the 2011 Lexus LFA in 2009 to the just-introduced 2016 Lexus GS F . There are plenty of snippets to remind you that the F Sport cars have legitimate racing pedigree as well; a soundtrack of snarling engines accompanies shots of the 2012 Lexus IS-F CCS-R , 2015 Lexus RC GT3 and 2014 Lexus RC GT500 on the track.

The F Sport division may have a short history, but Lexus is committed to making the badge a lasting addition to the lineup. With three unique F cars in the current lineup and F Sport models available for several more, we’re well on our way to recognizing the letter F as a signifier of serious performance.

2016 Lexus GS F

Lexus GS F

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