Lexus Heads To Space With The Skyjet In Upcoming Sci-Fi Movie

In the near future, cars will be irrelevant and we aren’t saying this, but it’s the sci-fi movies and of course a bunch of novels. By the 28th century, car design too will certainly leap frog as also technology, which is why Lexus seems to start getting down to business with it.

The company has imagined what a flying machine from its stable will look like. It’s called the Skyjet and it’s being made for an upcoming sci-fi film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. The Skyjet is a single-seat pursuit spaceship with stubby wings and a bubble-like canopy.


Look at it closely and you’ll see the company’s signature spindle grille on the nose of the craft which raises an eyebrow and also leaves us wondering if it makes any sense having that when in space. It also has triangular LED headlights that evoke the upcoming LC500 coupe. The overall design is very angular, not much like anything we’ve seen from the company recently.

Commenting on the development of the SKYJET, David Nordstrom, Global Branding Department General Manager at Lexus, added: “As fans of films and Luc’s previous work, Lexus is privileged to help bring Luc’s dream to life. We enjoyed the challenge of bringing Lexus’ design philosophy and technology innovations to this project. We look forward to developing our partnership with EuropaCorp as we strive to give audiences the most amazing experiences imaginable in the coming years.”

But what interests us is that there is a bit of LC500 coupe there and we can’t wait to see this flagship coupe at the Detroit Auto Show soon.

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