Lexus details hoverboard in new videos

Lexus details hoverboard in new videos

Lexus has a pair of new videos detailing their hoverboard project it unveiled earlier this year.

While not exactly the go-anywhere floating skateboard dreamt up by the screenwriters of Back to the Future II, it does manage to actually float as long as it’s on a specially designed magnetic track. The track generates a three-pole magnetic field that repels the board, which has its own, uh, on-board superconductor.

According to the video these so-called “high temperature” superconductors were discovered about 25 years ago, about the time with the film that popularized the hoverboard idea hit the movie theaters. The one in the Lexus board is made of yttrium barium copper oxide, and needs a bath of liquid nitrogen required to keep temperatures stable, hence the cloud of mist constantly surrounding the machine.

Once it is stabilized, the board will hover above and follow the track. It can move up and down inclines, around bends, and even take jumps (over a Lexus, of course). Skaters who have ridden the hoverboard described it as a strange sensation, as it is there is no friction nor sound. Watch the videos below to get the perspectives from the scientists and the skaters.

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