Lexus Crashes Infotainment Systems with an Over-the-Air Update

A routine over-the-air software update has caused a glitch in many Lexus infotainment systems. 

Reports from owners on Twitter claim that their head units simply stopped working, with videos showing the Enform infotainment system starting up and then continually rebooting, preventing customers from accessing all of its functions.

“Many of our owner’s vehicle head units stopped working,” reads a tweet from Lexus. “We are working around the clock to find a solution. Stay tuned for more information.”

So far, the only resolution seems to be taking your Lexus into the dealership to have it rebooted. Some customers on Twitter also report that disconnecting the battery will reset the head unit, though this may not be a permanent fix.

We reached out to Lexus to find out if the issue has been fixed and for more information on how and why this happened. As of publication time, we haven’t received a response.

See the tweets below to see for exactly what owners have been experiencing.

Update: Lexus tweeted a full response to the issue. It is embedded below.

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