Lexus could build Toyota-based premium pickup

Lexus could build Toyota-based premium pickup

Lexus has revealed it’s open to the idea of introducing a premium pickup truck based on the Toyota Hilux.

Speaking to Australian website Motoring, Makoto Tanaka, the company’s product planning project leader, revealed Lexus is looking into whether launching a truck makes sense from a business point of view. The yet-unnamed model would be relatively cost-efficient to design and build because it would borrow its frame and the bulk of its mechanical components from the brand new Hilux (pictured).

Lexus isn’t shy about admitting it wants to expand its soft- and off-roader lineup. A pickup is under consideration, and executives are also looking at introducing a seven-seater version of the RX and a compact SUV positioned a notch below the NX. Tanaka concedes the pickup is not a priority and it’s the body style that’s the least likely to reach production; however, that doesn’t mean it has been completely ruled out.

If approved for production, Lexus’ first-ever truck will go on sale in select global markets before the end of the year, though it’s too early to tell whether it will be sold in the United States. In markets such as Australia, it will face stiff competition from the Nissan-based Mercedes-Benz GLT.

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