Lexus considering Hilux-based pickup truck, but why?

Lexus has admitted its toying around with the idea of a premium pickup truck based on the latest Toyota Hilux.

Answering a question that no one really asked, Lexus is contemplating on the topic of a pickup according to product planning project leader, Makoto Tanaka. The Hilux-based pickup is being considered along with a seven-seat RX and a new compact crossover, but Tanaka mentions the pickup is “the least possible” to actually be built.

If the model will receive the stamp of approval, it will compete directly with the Nissan Navara-based Mercedes-Benz pickup rumored to be called GLT. That one is due to come out around 2019 and promises to be a “real Mercedes”, despite its Nissan roots.

Getting back to the hypothetical Lexus pickup at hand, Tanaka mentions it’s a “very low” priority at this point, so it is unlikely we will see it before the end of the decade. The aforementioned three-row RX will probably be the first to come out as it has already been caught on camera.

With more and more premium automakers filling in every possible empty gap in the crossover/SUV segment, could this be a sign that focus will be shifted towards upscale pickups? In some parts of the world mid-size pickup trucks are very popular, so maybe Lexus sees a business case especially since they already have the platform for it.


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