Lexus Boasts About 2016 RX’s Roll Skyhook Control Technology

With the introduction of their Roll Skyhook Control system for improved ride and handling, Lexus is announcing the unofficial end of “Rock’N’Roll”.

Don’t worry, Rock’N’Roll music isn’t going anywhere (unfortunately for some), but since that term can also be used to describe a very unpleasant thing when it comes to cars, Lexus has thought about designing and fitting their new RX SUV with a very clever system.

What Roll Skyhook Control does is it basically takes active suspension performance to an even higher level, by stabilizing the car’s lateral body movements when cornering.

The optional Adaptive Variable Suspension also helps by adjusting damping force while the significantly more rigid vehicle body aids both ride as well as handling.

Lexus is saying that the Roll Skyhook Control system was the first of its kind, doing what it does. More specifically, even when a car’s roll is canceled, stability can still be affected if you’re driving over a bumpy surface. This is where the system kicks in, instantly calculating the virtual damping force that might occur and simultaneously creates a counter force.

What you end up with is a sensation that mimics the vehicle being stabilized in mid-air, which is where the “hooked in the sky” idea came from.

As for the suspension, customers can opt for Lexus’ optional Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS), which automatically adjusts the damping force delivered by the shock absorbers, while working out what the quality of the road surface is and what the driver is doing.

Building a more rigid body was also important for the new RX, which is now both a more comfortable and a more dynamic car than the previous model.

You should still probably hold off on racing it against your friend’s Cayenne Turbo or X5 M, but then again, the RX has never been about crazy high performance figures.

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