Land Rover, Scion lead brand growth in US

Land Rover, Scion lead brand growth in US

Scion has experienced a resurgence in sales, achieving the fastest growth of any car brand in the US market for September.

Fueled by the arrival of two new models, the iA and iM, Toyota‘s youthful marque experienced a 57-percent jump to 6,510 units for the month. When including SUV brands, Scion still achieved the number-two spot behind Land Rover, as noted in a Good Car Bad Car report spotted by TTAC.

The numbers are good news for the new additions to the lineup, however deliveries continue to fall for the existing members of the family. The xB was down by approximately six percent in September, while the tC slid by 14 percent and the FR-S declined by 15 percent.

Despite the extra few thousand sales of the iA and iM, Scion still has some catching up before breaking even with 2014’s numbers. Notably, 2014 wasn’t exactly a good year for the brand, which ended 15 percent below 2013’s tally.

The iA is adapted from the Mazda2 platform, offering a modest 106 horsepower and a city/highway fuel efficiency rating of 33/42 mpg. Serving as Scion’s first sedan, it has already achieved sales 50 percent higher than the iM and approaching the combined total for the xB and tC.

The more expensive iM hatchback may not be selling as quickly as the iA, though it already outsold the xB and tC on an individual basis. It is essentially a rebadged Toyota Auris, powered by a 1.8-liter engine with 137 ponies and a choice between six-speed manual or CVT transmissions.

The iA and iM represent the first step in Toyota’s complete overhaul of the Scion division. The brand is reportedly considering a small crossover to engage the popular segment, while the FR-S and tC are due to be updated within the next few years.

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