Kuhl Toyota Prius Makes A Bold Proposition For The Hybrid World

Who said a Prius can’t be Kuhl – get it?

The oddball Prius may look like it’s all over the place (visual-wise), but truth be told, the model actually looks decent when it’s garnished by a few decent aftermarket accessories. Even Toyota is apparently aware of this, and that’s why the Japanese car manufacturer offers a catalogue with TRD enhancements specifically made for the Prius.

In fact, Modellista also tried to make the hybrid appear less heavy on the eye, but Kuhl’s visual proposal is a bold statement against boredom. Sporting a revised body kit, composed of new front and rear bumpers (with aprons included), side skirts and a diffuser, the Prius is reminiscent of the Japanese VIP style tuner culture – a trait highlighted by the (very) lowered suspension, aggressive stance, and the big aftermarket wheels.

Mind you, the rear diffuser hides what appears to be a complex exhaust system with quad mufflers – a detail which together with the Swancheck GT wing offers a sporty character to the Prius. We don’t know whether or not the 1.8-litre hybrid powertrain has suffered some modifications, but Kuhl’s attention to details – like the changed badges – around the whole car are quite impressive.

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