Ken Block And Ryan Tuerck’s Insane Drift Cars Pose At SEMA

Two experts in the art of getting a car sideways are displaying their latest creations at the ongoing SEMA Show 2016.Yes, we’re of course talking about Ken Block and Ryan Tuerck.

At the event, Block has brought along his all-new Hoonicorn V2, a truly insane creation which has already hit Pikes Peak to film the next iteration of the immensely popular Gymkhana series.

Block’s Hoonicorn made its video debut in Gymkhana Seven through the streets of Los Angeles and in V2-spec, its custom V8 engine has been joined with two turbochargers and a methanol-injection system, lifting power up to an absurd 1,400 hp. Few cars at SEMA can match the insanity of the car or have been honed so precisely for one particular discipline; getting sideways.

Perhaps one car which can match the Hoonicorn V2 for its tail-happiness and controllability is Tuerck’s Ferrari 458 Italia-powered Toyota 86. Finished just in time for the show, we’ve already seen the car in action and it is just as absurd as you would expect. As engine swaps go, it’s hard to find one more impressive than this.

We know that Block and Tuerck are good friends and have our fingers crossed that this incredible duo can star in one sensational video together.

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