Japanese Body Kit Turns Toyota GT86 into a Aston Martin Vantage Clone

Toyota GT DAWD Vantage Kit Front Three Quarter 02

The Aston Martin look is often imitated, but a new body kit available for the Japan-market Toyota GT86 (the equivalent to our Scion FR-S) takes the emulation one step further. Created by Japanese tuner DAMD, the car is aptly named the Aston GT86. To give it that British beauty look, DAMD has created a body kit complete with revised bumpers, a new grille, and updated wheels. At the rear sits an “86 Vantage” badge for an extra bit of false advertisement. The sample model on DAMD’s website shows the car in a deep green color, although the car is apparently also available in white, grey, red, black, silver, blue, and orange hues. Nineteen-inch RAYS wheels finish off the look.

Toyota GT DAWD Vantage Kit Front Three Quarters

Peek inside the interior, and it’s almost completely unrecognizable and chock full of leather surfaces. The “premium seat covers” are available in two color schemes: tan with brown stitching or black with red stitching. The steering wheel is also available with contrast stitching, and the instrument panel can even be customized. Under the sheetmetal, the car comes with upgraded Acre brakes, custom Spirit Racing shocks, and a ram air intake system. All the upgrades aren’t enough to fool us for an Aston Martin, but at just over $4,000, the body kit is pretty impressive. Restyled GT86 coupes seem to be all the rage, as even Toyota released an alternative front end for the car earlier this year. The Toyota 86 Style Cb Edition launched in Japan this April sporting an updated front fascia with round headlights. Source: DAMD

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