Is Toyota’s S-FR the cutest race car in the history of ever?

A few months ago, we fell a little in love with Toyota’s S-FR concept. Now there’s a racing version, we’re head over heels.

Much like an irked puppy, it manages to look cute and aggressive, both at the same time. It looks – and we defy you to say otherwise – superb.

It’s longer and wider than before, owing to its extra aerodynamic addenda, but it’s still a wee ‘un, at less than four metres long and 1.7 metres wide.

Its bodykit comprises all the proper, grown-up racing car stuff – front splitter, dive planes, monster diffuser, gargantuan rear wing – and all of it made from light carbonfibre-reinforced plastic. In gaining them, it’s also gained the scowl of an upset pug. We like that.

Much like the regular, less feisty S-FR, there are precisely no technical details to provide any substance to its excellent style. A diddly turbo engine would seem a shoo-in to get those rear wheels squealing, but S-FR production is still ‘if’ as opposed to ‘when’ in Toyota’s world, and engine details won’t come until production is rubber-stamped.

Which it must be. And then the world’s cutest one-make race series must follow. Lend you support to our campaign via the poll – and comments box – below…

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