Is Toyota Working on a Ridiculous Flying Car?


Toyota has recently filed a strange patent that hints the company may be developing a flying car.

The patent was filed in the U.S. and published today for a “stackable wing for an aerocar.”

The patent was originally filed on March 2, 2014 and its abstract reads: “A wing includes an upper surface that forms a generally fixed shape and a lower surface adjacent to the upper surface. The lower surface is morphable between a stowed shape and a deployed shape. A method of morphing a wing includes morphing a lower surface between a stowed shape and a deployed shape. The lower surface curves towards the supper surface in the stowed shape and curves away from the upper surface in the deployed shape.”

You’d be forgiven for not being able to decipher what all that jargon means. Although the patent itself focuses on a stackable wing, the more important news is that Toyota is apparently developing an aerocar with wings. In the background section of the patent, Toyota explicitly said, “The present disclosure pertains to a vehicle that can be flown as a fixed wing aircraft and driven as a land vehicle.”

Perhaps all those dreams of flying cars may become a reality and it’s surprising that Toyota is willing to invest into making that dream real.

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