Is The M5-Rivalling Lexus GS F The Last Old-School Mega Sedan?

Lexus’ fastest member of the GS family has a lot to prove in a segment filled with huge horsepower figures and even bigger egos.

From the first time we saw it, the Lexus GS F has received a lot of criticisms about its lack of power compared with its main rivals from Germany. Producing 470hp from a naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V8 in a segment filled with near or over 600hp models could be the reason of the above and many were surprised by Lexus’ decision to stick with the same engine the smaller RC F uses.

But despite all of this, the Lexus GS F is still a very vocal sports sedan with 470hp on tap and that means something to many potential buyers. You see there aren’t many naturally aspirated V8 performance sedans of this caliber left in this world, which means we need some time to rethink if the Lexus GS F is indeed the weak player of its segment or the last of its kind.

Auto Express reviews the big loud Lexus to find out if we should celebrate this old-school approach.


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