Institutions of higher education collaborate with businesses

MIAMI, FL – AUGUST 18: A Walmart sign is seen on August 18, 2015 in Miami, Florida. Walmart announced today that earnings fell in the second quarter due to currency fluctuations and the retailer’s investment in employee wages and training.

There have been much talk that schools need to collaborate with businesses, local, state, and federal governments, and the private and public sectors to help ensure job and career readiness and placements for all of their students, in addition to providing and administering industry specific information and education relevant to students’ majors and career choices. These much needed collaborations have hold true for Walmart and Toyota, as these two firms have joined with colleges, universities, and organizations to help prepare eager individuals for promising careers. Last fall, Walmart and Albany State University announced a collaboration that would entail creating a more diversified, talented, and skilled workforce. This partnership included administering need-based scholarships to deserving recipients at the university. This is an example of a great and ideal way corporations can directly pair up with colleges and universities to train new up and coming workforces with much needed industry specific skills. Trainers would include Walmart transportation managers, logisticians, and attorneys. Skills trainees would learn and innovations they would be expose to include, electronics equipment and job readiness workshops.

Through this collaboration, students at Albany State will enjoy the luxuries of being trained by individuals directly from and of the field. “Walmart is a major contributor to historically black colleges and universities. We want to send a message that Walmart is committed to helping Albany State students succeed by opening opportunities to career advancement through education,” said Walmart’s Division of Human Resources Manager of Health and Wellness Logistics Charles Moore. A great way to gain the sought after industry skills, career relevant and specific educations, and real world experiences directly from industry leaders, Walmart’s collaboration with Albany State University should prove good and as an example of how college students wishing to succeed in life by attending an institution of higher education that will prepare them for their career goals can do so through guaranteed partnerships such as this.

Toyota is another company partnering with colleges and universities to help ensure college graduates gain the necessary skills and be expose to the correct resources that will lead them in to a new, exciting, and inviting field, in addition to being a successful contributor to the global society and economy. Partnering with Rainbow PUSH Excel, Toyota is awarding $75,000 in scholarships through the Jesse L. Jackson Sr. scholarship fund. The scholarship recipients will include 10 business and engineering students from various colleges and universities. These students had to either be majoring in any one of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects or in business, have an active community service resume, and the appropriate 3.0 GPA among meeting other various criterion. Upon receiving the award, Toyota is partnering each mentee with a mentor from Toyota’s management team for exposure to first-hand insights from various industry leaders, as well as, an opportunity to work at any one of its various facilities across North America. This should allow the students to acquire ample amount of real world experience. “We are extremely proud of these students and are passionate about lifting any burden or obstacle that may prevent these distinguished students from reaching their highest potential,” said Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., founder and president of Rainbow PUSH Coalition. “Students who prove themselves capable and eager deserve every opportunity within reach to become all they set out to be in life. We thank Toyota for their generous support and for sharing in our vision to improve the academic lives of these students.” Toyota and Rainbow PUSH Excel should be extremely proud of their efforts to help fund and mentor promising youth for excellent and vibrant educations and careers.

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