Hybrids with the best bang for the buck

2015 Lexus ES

The hybrid vehicle was created by the automotive industry to create cars that have higher fuel economies and lower carbon dioxide emissions than their traditional counterparts. Made popular by cars like the Toyota Prius, hybrids depend two types of energies to propel them. This includes a traditional internal combustion engine and an electric engine.

There are models like the Toyota Prius and Honda CR Z that are only offered as hybrids but traditional cars like Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry are also offered as hybrids.

When it comes to these models that are offered as both a traditional gasoline car and hybrid they are offered at two different prices because more motors costs more money, which is why hybrids require more money up front to purchase with the promise of higher MPG’s to save money on fuel. In a previous article, http://www.examiner.com/list/when-buying-a-hybrid-won-t-save-money?cid=d… , several vehicles were listed that show that the extra cost of buying a hybrid was in some cases double or triple the yearly cost to put gas in the traditional car. In this case of putting an extra engine in your car to save the ecosystem and your wallet was not fiscally responsible for anyone who watches the numbers in their bank account.

There are some hybrids that are actually worth looking into for those yearning to save dollars and the ozone. The vehicles that follow are the ones that were found to have the smallest premium to pay to have the hybrid version over the traditional version that might make hybrid ownership worth it for most. It is worth noting that the only vehicles looked into for this research were 2015 models.

Of course whether or not buying a hybrid is worth the extra premium depends on how much one drives. If the car is very seldom driven then maybe a hybrid isn’t the answer to save gas and an all-electric car is a better option. However, if long distances are driven or the car is driven constantly a hybrid can save a driver some serious coin in the fuel fund.

2015 Lexus ES

The hybrid with the lowest hybrid premium is the 2015 Lexus ES. The traditional ES starts at $37,700 for 31 hwy mpgs while the hybrid starts at $40,585 for 39 hwy mpgs which means the additional premium of $2,885 is well worth the savings in fuel. Spread out over six years, which according to Kelly Blue Book is the amount of time most new car buyers keep their rides, would be an annual premium of only $480. This could be the perfect excuse to merit splurging on a semi-luxurious sedan over a beige business-mobile.

2015 Ford Fusion

Taking the silver medal for hybrid with the lowest premium is the 2015 Ford Fusion. The standard Fusion gets a 22/34 mpg rating at a starting MSRP of $22,110 while the hybrid’s starting MSRP is $25,185 and gets a 44/41 mpg rating. This added fuel economy will cost the new owner only $3,075, or $512 per year over six years. Although the only American car on the list, the Fusion shows that American car makers are keen to stay competitive.

2015 Toyota Camry

Taking the bronze medal is Toyota. The standard 2015 Toyota Camry carries an mpg rating of 25/35 for a starting MSRP of $22,970 while the hybrid carries an mpg rating of 43/39 and a starting MSRP of $26,790. This makes the premium to own the hybrid $3,820, or $636 annually over six years. The Camry hybrid is a great entry-level hybrid sedan for any professional.

2015 Toyota Avalon

The second Toyota in this list is the 2015 Toyota Avalon. With a starting MSRP for the standard version $32,285 for a 21/31 mpg rating and a starting MSRP for the hybrid version $36,470 for an mpg rating of 40/39 the premium to own the hybrid is $4,185, or $697 annually over six years. The Avalon is the grown-up alternative to the Camry.

2015 Lexus NX

The last on the list of best buy hybrids is the only crossover on the list. The 2015 Lexus NX poses a premium for the hybrid of only $5,240, a result of the starting MSRP of $34,480 for the standard 22/28 mpg and starting MSRP of $39,720 for the 31/35 mpg hybrid. Spread out over six years the annual premium is $873. The Lexus NX is brand new to the Lexus line-up and has a look to impress with futuristic styling.

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