How About A Lexus LC 500 Shooting Brake?

There’s no doubt that the LC 500 is the most dynamic Lexus since the LFA, but what if the automaker decided to add a more practical version?

Something, say, like this shooting brake rendered by RainPrisk.

Besides the obvious changes made at the rear, the Shooting Brake “version” of the LC 500 has gained a tweaked front bumper and a blacked out grille. For added effect, the suspension was lowered slightly and the standard wheels were replaced with new multi-spoke ones.

In fantasy land, you may even choose to make it more practicald by adding a roof box, which would probably appeal to Jon Olsson, who, by the way, is in the middle of a new project.

Back to reality, Lexus is currently displaying the sports coupe in “the city that never sleeps”, in the V8-powered LC 500 and the hybrid LC 500h guises.

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