Honda to lease Clarity Fuel Cell for $369/mo

Honda to lease Clarity Fuel Cell for $369/mo

Honda has announced US launch details and lease pricing for the Clarity Fuel Cell sedan.

Due to arrive in California showrooms by the end of the year, Honda’s new hydrogen-powered car will be available exclusively via a three-year lease for $369 per month with up to 20,000 miles annually.

Fuel-cell powertrains are still expensive compared to traditional internal-combustion engines, suggesting the Clarity is arriving at a significant discount. The price is just $20 higher than the $349 lease for Toyota‘s Mirai, which carries a lower limit of just 12,000 miles annually. As an added incentive, the Honda lease includes up to $15,000 of hydrogen fuel and 21 days of an Avis luxury rental in California.

Honda hasn’t announced a purchase price for the Clarity. For comparison, the Mirai fetches $58,365. Expanding into another zero-emissions segment, the discounted leases are less than half the price of a Tesla Model S 60 with a similar mileage allowance.

“Launching the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell at an affordable lease price will enable more consumers to enjoy the benefits of this spacious and well-equipped fuel cell vehicle,” says Honda’s VP of environmental business development, Steve Center.

Hydrogen vehicles are struggling to gain traction in the market as infrastructure remains scant and automakers are readying long-range EVs with significantly lower price tags. Highlighting the troubles, Toyota sold just 816 Mirais in the first 10 months of the year.

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