Here’s Why A Lexus Truck Could Be A Great Idea

If you live in a place where people absolutely adore their pick-up trucks, then you can bet money on the fact that they’ll appreciate whichever model is on top of the “food chain”.

This so called Lexus LXT rendering is nothing more than a Lexus LX front fascia on a Toyota Tacoma body, which may or may not look particularly interesting – depends on who you ask.

The point I want to make here is that this particular rendering is nowhere near as interesting as the possibility of Lexus ever coming up with a full-size luxury pick-up for the US market.

So yes, as a best case scenario, I think that those very same people who purchase a top spec Tundra, Silverado, F-150 and so on, would be the same people who would appreciate a luxury pick-up. Imagine a genuinely premium interior in a pick-up truck for the first time, wouldn’t that be something?

I can already see the aggressive ad campaigns from rival manufacturers trying to discredit it because they’re afraid. Of course, odds are Lexus isn’t building a pick-up truck any time soon, but they should, they really really should – just from a business perspective!

Though if it would look too much like the Tacoma on the outside, people might not be as impressed as they would be with a completely new product or a full-size model.

This means that a Tundra-based Lexus truck would obviously be ideal.

Story references: Theophilus Chin

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