Here’s The RAV4 Toyota Tried To Hide From Us

Two days ago, Toyota accidentally dropped a press release regarding this RAV4 Hybrid Sapphire Show Car only to pull it back almost immediately.

Despite the removal of the document, we still found out about the car’s unique blue color, chrome trim, 20″ wheels and Hybrid Blue badges, though some information was still missing, including images. Not anymore.

Aside from what we already knew, this RAV4 also comes with a well-endowed cabin, featuring leather upholstery with blue stitching, Hybrid Blue air vents, as well as Piano Black inserts on the console.

Though the new RAV4 Hybrid is still a relatively new model, the reason for this show car’s existence was none other than to gauge customer reaction, as it reveals some features that will soon make it into production.

Toyota does plan on adding a full body color version to their catalog, while the leather seats are already available as an optional extra. Unfortunately, the Japanese automaker did not specify which design elements won’t actually make the jump to the RAV4 Hybrid currently in production.

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