Hawaii’s Hidden Car Culture Is Quite Vibrant

This video shows us that Hawaii’s car culture is as vivid, exotic an interesting as the place itself.

Let’s be honest for a moment; how many times did you think about cars when talking or even mentioning Hawaii? Not that many, right? Well, it turns out that like almost everywhere in the world, the car scene in the far, far-away US state is quite evocative, as people are passionate about their automobiles and respectful with other “car freaks”.

Diversity seems to be the keyword in Hawaii, as no one adheres to a particular trend, type of vehicle or car manufacturer. You can find from imports to muscles, euros and everything in between. But the best part of it, as explained in the video, is the mellowness of the people – when you’re driving 24/7 in the beautiful surroundings of the island, it’s hard to be everything but warm-hearted.

Of course, the scene isn’t without shortcomings, and the lack of a proper circuit for everyone to hoon their rides is being felt by the pockets of those speeding on the public roads. But that’s just part of the whole experience.


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