Goodyear Debuts ‘Urban CrossOver’ Concept Tyre For Lexus UX Concept

Lexus UX concept, a preview of the automaker’s future design tenet, was showcased recently at the Paris Motor Show 2016. Lexus’ “vision for a compact SUV of the future”, the concept car also marked the premiere of the Goodyear Urban Crossover concept tyres last month. The tyre manufacturer notes it received two primary guidelines from Lexus regarding the development of a tyre for the UX: “explore new frontiers of tire design” and “apply state-of-the-art technology”.

GoodYear Urban CrossOver Tyres

GoodYear Urban CrossOver Tyres

Based on the same ‘inside-out philosophy’ as the Lexus UX concept, Goodyear’s special tyres for the vehicle also come with the internal elements blended with the external ones and vice versa. The spokes of the rim flow smoothly into the sidewall design of the tire, creating one unique feature consistent with the rest of the car, while the tread pattern gives the tyre a ‘dynamic appearance’. Interestingly, the tyre’s design was created using Goodyear’s hi-tech laser carving technique.

David Anckaert, General Director OE Product Development EMEA at Goodyear, said, “We are proud to present this innovative concept tire for the Lexus UX concept, which confirms once again Goodyear’s experience in providing OEMs with tailor-made solutions. Our designers succeeded in developing a tire that is consistent with the car’s design philosophy, and at the same time we managed to answer the Lexus drivers’ needs for comfort, driving pleasure and safety by building on technologies currently available to consumers in our product portfolio such as Sound Comfort Technology and the RunOnFlat Technology.”

Lexus UX Concept

The tyre incorporates Goodyear’s Sound Comfort Technology, which allows the vehicle’s cabin to be extremely quiet by dampening the tyre cavity resonance sound peak that is generated when the tire rolls over a surface. Other features include chip-in-tire and RunOnFlat technology. The former, first showcased at Geneva in 2014, enables the chip to send information about the tyre pressure, temperature, and the tyre identification details to the car’s on-board computer, which then works to enhance the stability and performance of the car when cornering and braking. Goodyear’s RunOnFlat Technology, on the other hand, allows the tyre to carry the weight of a car for up to 80Km after a puncture with complete loss of air pressure.

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