Good News Everyone! Lexus Hoverboard Will Arrive On August 5th

If you’ve waited 26 years for this to happen, then surely you can wait a few more days, right?

When the concept first appeared in the 1989 science-fiction adventure movie – Back To The Future Part II – the hoverboard captured the imagination of millions with its cool looks and awesome concept. Granted, Marty McFly added a late 80’s cool into the mix.

Now, in 2015, Lexus just revealed its third and final teaser of the hovering skateboard and we can’t contain our excitement. Set to debut on the 5th of August, this concept surely is Lexus coolest creation.

No, really, it works on the Maglev principle which uses high temperature superconductors in its onboard magnets to make it levitate– which kind of makes things hot. Really hot. That’s why, by the looks of it, the hoverboard uses liquid nitrogen to cool the magnets and that’s why it has a steamy mist around it.

Pretty cool stuff. You can follow the story on social media using #LexusHover. Let’s hope it works on concrete.


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