Giving A Toyota Prius Super-Stiff Suspension Is A Bad Idea

You don’t really see many mildly modified Toyota Prius hybrids, because their standard drivetrain is very tricky to work on.

There is the option to throw it all away and just use conventional power, but can you go faster without doing that?

This Prius owner, Jay, seems to think so. He’s lowered his car, stiffened it up a whole lot and given it sticky wide tires. This, as Matt Farah finds out in the video below, is not a recipe for success, quite the opposite…

The car suffers from rub in fast corners and the bouncy feel it gives really doesn’t go too well with the sedate nature of the power delivery. The owner actually tweaked that too, opting for an Apex throttle controller that provides a quicker response and guaranteed 100 percent throttle application.

Scroll down for the video.

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