Fresh Scoops Of Facelifted 2016 Lexus LX SUV

The luxurious SUV beast that is the refreshed 2016 Lexus LX was ambushed hiding in what appears to be a container somewhere in the Middle East.

Evidently, it was too tight for Instagram user hamad1two3 to get inside and capture the redesigned front, but we get a clear view of the full-size SUV’s behinds with its new ‘3D’, L-shaped LED tail lamps and redesigned tailgate and rear window.

From previous photos (included in our gallery below), we saw that the LX’s profile will be updated with a new window design on the D-pillar featuring a sharper kink, and different alloy wheels.

The interior shots tell the tale of a completely new dashboard with a far more contemporary design than the current model, with a large, freestanding infotainment screen, a sporty three-spoke steering wheel and backlit instruments.

In this latest round of scoops, the same author also included fresh brochure shots with pictures of the redesigned headlamps and other details inside and out.

While the car we see here is for the Middle East, the same changes are expected to be applied globally on the LX. The North American model, at least, should continue with a sole V8 offering under its hood.

Many thanks to Rgreh for the tip!

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