Former Toyota exec avoids drug-trafficking charges

Former Toyota exec avoids drug-trafficking charges

Former Toyota executive Julie Hamp has reportedly avoided drug-trafficking charges for allegedly trafficking prescription drugs into Japan.

Authorities had accused Hamp, a US citizen, of hiding oxycodone pills in a shipment labeled “necklaces,” in violation of Japan’s strict narcotics regulations. The pills are said to have been scattered throughout the package of accessories, rather than placed in a traditional prescription bottle.

After resigning from her post as head of corporate communications, Hamp no longer faces the threat of a formal indictment, according to Kyodo News. Unnamed sources suggest prosecutors lacked enough evidence to move forward with formal charges.

Officials are said to have considered her action “not malicious” and took into consideration her resignation from the Japanese automaker. She was subsequently released from detention, more than two weeks after her initial arrest.

Toyota has said it intends to “learn from this incident,” suggesting other expats may now be less likely to make the same mistakes. Japan is said to have relatively strict regulations surrounding importation of narcotic prescriptions, even when visitors have a prescription in their home country.

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