First Proper Look On The Insane Ferrari-Powered Toyota 86 Project

Being one of the craziest motor swaps in modern history, the Ferrari 458-powered Toyota 86 project is finally introduced to the world.

You don’t need to be an engineer to realize the sheer difficulty of a project like this: just look at the V8’s intake pointing at the wrong direction and you will get an idea of just how talent this build really demands to be finished.

The mastermind behind the project and popular professional drifter, Ryan Tuerck takes us for a tour around the car, explaining what needs to be done in order for this monster to properly work.

The build will be documented step by step and the final deadline is set in October when the car is expected to be finished. That’s not a lot of time in the world of extreme engine-swapping and it serves like a reminder of the colossal amount of work Tuerck and his team of engineers and fabricators have in front of them.

And yes, we cannot wait for the moment we’ll see the “4586” drifting its way out of the garage. Why on earth someone haven’t thought of this before?


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