Ferrari-Powered Toyota 86 Does Epic Donuts Around 458

Didn’t get enough of Ryan Tuerck’s Ferrari 458-powered Toyota 86 yesterday? Well the drifter is back at it and has released the first clip of his insane creation on the move.

While seeing the car screaming on a dyno or even just trundling around a racetrack would have been cool, that clearly wouldn’t have been epic enough for Tuerck and his crew.

Instead, they recruited a Ferrari 458 Italia and set about doing some epic, smoky donuts around the Italian sports car, giving the world a long-awaited snippet of what the tail-happy creation is capable of.

Tuerck has previously confirmed that the vehicle won’t be used in competition in Formula D meaning we won’t see it competing against other Japanese drift cars any time soon.

Nevertheless, here’s hoping that an epic Ken Block-style drifting video is in the works.


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