Facelifted GT 86 To Include Chassis, Body And Engine Improvements, Says Toyota Boss

Toyota is planning a facelifted version for the GT 86, but don’t expect any dramatic changes.

The Toyota GT 86 quickly proved to be a success, mostly because of its price, and secondly, thanks to its nimble handling. But since it was introduced in 2012, time has come for the automaker to give it a facelift, which will reportedly be revealed next year. The rear-wheel drive coupe will get a tweaked chassis and styling, and possibly, a bump in power.

Speaking to Australia’s Motoring during the Tokyo motor show, Tetsuya Tada, the company’s chief engineer said that the updated model will get “engine, body, suspension” improvements, adding that there will also be a carbon roofed version, without getting into any specific details.

Tada was also asked about the future of the GT-86, and specifically, if the Subaru WRX’s turbo unit could be used.

“The WRX turbo is not a good solution for future fuel consumption and CO2. I think turbo is a really easy solution. I always say we try to show something new, always something challenging”, said the Toyota official. “The biggest complaint about that kind of engine is the sound. High compression is almost the same as diesel, it makes a boring engine sound”, he added.

Tada said that the next generation of the GT 86 coupe should have a smaller and higher-revving engine under its hood, with electric augmentation being a possibility.

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