Explosion at brake supplier affects Toyota’s Japan production

Explosion at brake supplier affects Toyota‘s Japan production

Toyota has confirmed plans to idle some of its Japan factories once again, this time due to an explosion at a supplier’s plant in Aichi Prefecture.

The gas explosion occurred Monday at an Advics’ facility where painted components are allowed to dry, injuring four workers, according to a Nikkei Asian Review report. The supplier focuses on brake parts, though the companies have not specifically identified which components have been affected by the accident.

The incident led Toyota to cancel shifts at some production lines at its nearby Takaoka assembly facility, along with its Motomachi factory and at least four other associated plants.

“We hope to have production up and running in the next day or two,” a spokesperson told Reuters.

Many automakers opt for a “just-in-time” supply chain strategy — pioneered by Toyota — which aims to minimize inventories, however such a methodology can leave companies vulnerable to production disruptions if assembly plants do not keep adequate stocks of extra parts. Aside from the gas explosion at Advics, Japan is frequently rocked by earthquakes that can cause widespread problems for manufacturers.

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