Evil-Looking Lexus RC F Dresses With 19″ Gloss Brushed Red Alloys

While some people still have mixed feelings about the Lexus RC F, there’s no denying the fact that this car has a lot of attitude.

In the automotive industry, attitude can mean a lot of things. Cars can be fast, they can look aggressive, they can be great at one thing but horrible at another and so on. The RC F doesn’t have to be great in order to be charismatic, since its aggressive design and ambitious performance figures will probably always help it stand out in a crowd.

Earlier this year when Chris Harris got his hands on one, he said that even though it looks good and drives well, more so on the road than on the track, it’s hard to get past the fact that it weighs 1,840 kg (4,056 lbs), which is almost ridiculous compared to your “average” BMW M4.

The good news is that once you move beyond some of its shortcomings, if you’re in love with its looks and the way it sounds, and the quality of the interior, then you’re probably not going to care about things like the 0-100 km/h (62 mph) time of 4.5 seconds not being as good as what you get in the BMW – since you’ll still own a very fast car.

In the end, different things matter to different people, really, and with the RC F, those who are fans will probably appreciate attempts such as this one to get the car to look its absolute best.

Starting with a dark exterior is never a bad idea. In fact, this thing would probably make for a very appropriate Decepticon if it wasn’t for the gloss brushed red wheels. They’re called SV5s by the way, measuring 19×9 at the front and 19×11 at the rear, and are made by Strasse Forged.

Pay close attention and you’ll even notice the satin black & red detailing on the center caps.

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