Everything We Know About the Upcoming Toyota Supra


If there’s one yet-to-be-released car that everyone is anticipating (other than the mid-engine Corvette), it’s the upcoming Toyota Supra. The Supra moniker has been off the U.S. market for nearly 15 years now, believe it or not, and enthusiasts everywhere have been asking begging for its return since then.

So far as we know, Toyota is listening, and the resurrection of its legendary sports car is expected sometime within the next three years. But that’s just a small piece in a much larger puzzle.


BMW is likely involved. The two companies are reportedly working on a platform that will underpin both the new Z5, and a Toyota sports car. There are still some discrepancies surrounding the partnership, though, and some publications are suggesting the final product won’t actually be a Supra, but a small Toyota convertible instead.

It may be a hybrid…or not. Depending on your sources, the envisioned Supra could come with one powertrain or the other. With BMW still in the equation, there’s a possibility that it will have a hybrid setup similar to the i8. Without BMW lending a helping hand, it could opt for a twin-turbo Lexus V6 instead. Both will be powerful, no doubt.


The car will be built in Austria, more specifically at a company called Magna Steyr. It’s the same facility where they build some of Mercedes’ off-road vehicles, along with two BMW Group vehicles, the Mini Clubman and Paceman.

It will compete with cars like the Porsche 911. One of the largest growing segments is about to get an exciting new player. Cars like the Corvette, F-Type, and 911—just to name a few—will be the main competition for the new Supra. Expect the MSRP to reflect that.

Expect to see it in 2018; so make sure to start saving now.

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