Euro-spec Toyota Mirai gets detailed

Euro-spec Toyota Mirai gets detailed image

Toyota has released the first details and a huge photo gallery of the Mirai in its European specification.

After being introducing in its homeland, Japan, earlier this year, and then making its way into the United States, the Toyota Mirai is now ready to be welcomed by yet another continent, Europe, as the carmaker has recently announced. The model in question is basically looking identical as the two versions mentioned above and it is still getting the same trapezoidal grille, the slender headlights, the two large air intakes in the front bumper, the LED daytime running lights and much more.

The rear end of the vehicle is still getting the same weirdly shaped taillights and the roofline is slightly sloping, so no differences here either. As far as the cabin goes, here we should mention the appealing leather trim, which is noticeable in the images posted below. The 2016 Toyota Mirai is also getting a lot of storage spaces inside it, along with the two rear cup holders, a rear armrest with controls for the seat heaters, the rear ventilation, the sporty front seats wrapped in the same white and black leather along with the dashboard which seems to be borrowed from the Prius, in its overall layout, so if you have been inside the hybrid vehicle before, you will feel right at home in the Mirai too.

Before rushing things into its engine and what is actually powering it, Toyota is carrying us through some facts on hydrogen, which is the lightest gas on earth, non-poisonous, odorless, colorless, does not absorb infrared radiation meaning that it has no effect on global warming and during generation of electricity it binds with oxygen to form water, so no CO2 emissions here. The automaker is continuing its statement with the Mirai, which is getting an innovative design, a lot of comfort features, ample cruising range and short refueling time, more efficient energy than internal combustion units, an up-to-date, high-value eco car and it emits only water.

We will now get to the best part of the Toyota Mirai, which is found under its hood and it’s called a hydrogen powered engine (unorthodox), or a fuel-cell (right call This is using oxygen from the air and it is combining it with hydrogen from the tank, producing electricity and powering the electric motors. As we’ve mentioned above, the process is not harmful with the environment as only water comes out of the exhaust system. The Toyota Mirai is bringing 155 HP (114 kW) to the equation allowing a 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) sprint made in 9.6 seconds and a top speed of 178 km/h (110 mph). Refueling the tank with hydrogen takes around 3 minutes and the total range of the car is up to 483 km (300 miles). The model can be started at temperatures as low as -22 C, as the carmaker is saying. No pricing details for Europe have been announced so far.

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