Emissions-free, for real: Norway turns to the sun

Espen Olsen, left, of Toyota Norway hands over the keys to the first Toyota Mirai fuel cell car in Norway to Roger Hertzenberg, managing director of Uno-X. Uno-X plans to open 20 hydrogen stations by 2020, the first of which will make hydrogen using electricity from solar panels.

The dirty little secret of Toyota’s emissions-free Mirai fuel cell car is that it’s highly energy-intensive to make the hydrogen it runs on, and often results in quite a bit of emissions.

Until now.

The first Mirai sold in Norway went to Uno-X, a company that plans to open 20 hydrogen stations by 2020. The first of them will make hydrogen using surplus electricity from solar panels on neighboring buildings.

The Norwegian government is offering numerous incentives to consumers to support its goal of having 50,000 hydrogen-powered cars in the country by 2025. Those incentives include exemption from registration taxes and sales taxes and free access to toll roads, ferries, public parking and bus lanes.

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