Elon Musk hints at ‘Top Secret Tesla masterplan’

Elon Musk hints at ‘Top Secret Tesla masterplan’

Tesla Motors chief executive Elon Musk has issued a cryptic message pointing to a significant strategic plan that is expected to be announced in the near future.

“Working on a Top Secret Tesla Masterplan, Part 2,” he wrote in a Twitter post, without elaborating. “Hoping to publish later this week.”

The teaser follows a few weeks of negative publicity for the company, mostly centered around the first fatal Autopilot crash. The incident prompted a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation and sparked a contentious, high–profile argument between Tesla and Fortune over the company’s disclosure timing.

Redirecting some speculation away from the autonomous safety debate, Musk’s comments highlight the company’s first master plan that will finally be complete when the Model 3 arrives on the market. A decade ago he outlined plans to first launch a sports car, providing money for an “affordable car” which can generate even more cash to build “an even more affordable car.”

The Roadster carried a six-figure price tag, limiting sales volume but helping offset high battery costs without sacrificing range. Aside from the financial justification, the two-seater aimed to establish a brand identity and demonstrate that electrification has a place beyond the niche segments occupied by the Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius.

The Model S was the next step, timed to arrive as ever-decreasing battery prices began to make sense for a long-range EV with a $75,000 price tag. The sedan also gave the company experience with in-house development and larger-scale production, setting the stage for the even cheaper Model 3.

Musk’s vision also included a commitment to “provide zero emission electric power generation options.” The company has only partially fulfilled this promise, offering home battery storage but without directly selling solar arrays or wind generators.

It is unclear if the ‘Part 2’ plan will center around Tesla’s controversial move to buy SolarCity, or instead focus on additional vehicles that will follow the Model 3.

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