Driver Playing Pokemon Go Crashes Into Parked Police Car, Has Priceless Reaction

Another day, another Pokemon Go-related traffic incident, this time with no victims, happily.

According to the Baltimore Police, the driver of what seems to be an older Toyota RAV4, was paying attention to his phone display, chasing Pokemons late at night, when he crashed into a parked police cruiser in the 2900 block of Eastern Avenue.

The aftermath was caught on camera by an officer, who was walking back to the vehicle, only to catch up with the teens in the crashed SUV, asking if they are ok and getting a true answer in return: “That’s what I get for playing this dumb a$$ game.

This could have easily been somebody crossing the street and struck by the vehicle. There could have been somebody inside that vehicle, but fortunately, there wasn’t“, said the chief of Media Relations for Baltimore Police, T.J. Smith.

Drivers and pedestrians chasing the little cartoons out on the streets have often led to various accidents, from a teenager who was hit by a vehicle while hunting for Pokemons, to a man who crashed his brother’s car into a tree for similar reasons. All over the world, the Pokemon Go game has had negative effects with some players having found dead bodies, while others ended up getting mugged.


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